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Argyle Newborn Photography * As a newborn photographer, I understand the importance of selecting the right props for a newborn session. Props can enhance the overall aesthetic of the photos and can also help to capture the unique personality and individuality of the newborn. In this blog post, we will explore some of the factors that I considers when selecting props for a newborn session.

When it comes to newborn photography, safety is the top priority for me. Any props used during a session must be safe and appropriate for the baby’s age and size. I always ensure that the props I selects are free from any sharp edges, small parts, or potential choking hazards.

Newborn sessions can be styled in many different ways, from minimalist to elaborate. I often prefer minimalistic. I love the simple style focusing on the baby, not so much on elaborate backgrounds and props. For example, if the parents want a natural, earthy vibe for their photos, I may incorporate wooden bowls or baskets and use natural textures such as blankets / posing fabrics or furs.

While props can add interest and variety to a session, I believe that less is often more. Rather than overwhelming the photos with too many props, I choose a few high-quality, well-selected items that complement the baby’s natural beauty. This approach ensures that the focus remains on the baby, rather than the props.

I understand that newborn sessions can be unpredictable, and babies don’t always cooperate. As such, I always have a range of props on hand, so I can adjust my selection based on the baby’s mood and behavior.

Props are an important element of newborn photography, but selecting the right props requires careful consideration. At Rita K. Wilder Photography, safety is always the top priority, and each prop is chosen with intention and purpose.

One of my favorite places to order props from is Rozzi Rayne Studio Props.

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Argyle Newborn Photography
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Argyle Newborn Photography
Argyle Newborn Photography
Argyle Newborn Photography
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