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Hi there!!! I have received lots of questions lately about Newborn Session workflow so I decided to write a blog about it to let new mommas and dads know how Newborn sessions usually go.

Booking a Newborn Session

I usually book Newborn sessions when mom is still pregnant that way we have time to plan and prepare for the session. Newborn Session date is usually set as moms due date. This is a date I go by when I create my monthly schedule.

When the baby arrives we schedule an actual session date 7-14 days after baby’s birth. I think babies are best photographed 7-21 days of birth, thats when they are the sleepiest and still let you mold them into those sweet positions. I have photographed multiple older babies and I know they can still be little sleeping angels at 4 -5 weeks, but it is not always the case. It gets a lot harder to pose babies the older they get because they sleep less and become more aware of their surroundings.

Newborn sessions are held at my in-home studio in Flower Mound. I provide all props and outfits for the baby. Family and Sibling photos are included in a Newborn session as well.

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Newborn Session Workflow

I start my session with bean bag poses. I usually do 3-4 beanbag set ups and 2-3 floor set ups/props, then I move on to sibling photos. Sometimes Parents decide to bring siblings after so they do not have to wait for 2 hours of the newborn part to be done. I keep my studio at +80F. Babies are used to mommy’s belly which is 98 degrees! I also use a space heater to ensure baby is comfortable and relaxed during her photo session. After we are done with sibling photos we move onto family photos, then mom+baby, Dad+baby. Sessions usually go 2-3 hours. It is totally up to the baby if they are sleeping in a deep sleep session will be quick.

It’s also important to avoid any foods that may upset baby’s belly for 24 hours before the session. This may include spicy foods, caffeine, and even dairy can potentially upset baby’s tummy.

During newborn sessions, it is completely typical, and normal, for babies to poop and pee on the blankets and props provided. It’s ok, no need to feel bad or be embarrassed.

I always advise parents to bring a change of clothing for them and siblings. Accidents happen all the time and I just want to make sure we are covered 🙂

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Family and Sibling Photos

For Family and Sibling photos I suggest wearing something simple, solid colors no bold patterns or colors. Consider the timelessness that you would like your images to convey. Less is more; think soft colors and simple style. Parents are suggested to wear plain shirts and jeans (or yoga pants for comfort). For siblings; Pretty dresses and button downs are perfect. Avoid loud patterns as they will distract from the beauty of the children.

There are lots of things that lead to successful newborn session and I wanted to share a few tips to make it a little bit easier. I send out a prep guide to all my clients on the date of booking and a week before the session.

Below you can see this cute baby who was an absolute dream to photograph, she slept through the whole session.

Southlake Newborn Photographer | Newborn Session Guide

Southlake Newborn photographer
Southlake Newborn photographer
Southlake Newborn photographer
Southlake Newborn photographer
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Southlake Newborn photographer

For More Newborn Pictures please click on PORTFOLIO. Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions about Newborn Photo Session – CONTACT.

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